Mr. Gary J. Yerman, Esq. is one of the most experienced immigration attorneys serving in New York’s immigration community. Gary’s experience inside the courtroom is sought after by people facing deportation throughout the United States. Mr. Yerman has been practicing independently for the past two decades.

Our firm is devoted to changing the lives of all immigrants in the United States by uniting families across the nation. We are bringing dignity to hardworking people whose lives, culture, and labor are strengthening America. I have over 20 years of immigration experience helping clients from across the world navigate the complex immigration system.“​


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 My case was finally approved and in less than two months, I received my green card. This was truly an unexpected surprise and I can finally stay in the United States lawfully to live and work. Due to the policy changes, I did not have much hope, moreover, I had already lost my case in court. However, Mr. Yerman continued to encourage me and give me hope! He told me that he would give his all to help me with my lawsuit, and that he would do his best to argue and convince the judge. As Mr. Yerman is a foreigner, and I cannot understand English, I have no other way of expressing my feelings of gratitude. I hope you will all believe that Mr. Yerman will definitely use his strong capabilities and experience in arguments, and be dedicated in helping everyone with their lawsuits. May everyone's wishes come true!  


 Gary Yerman is the absolute king in immigration law. He has helped me time and time again with my problems. I’ve met many lawyers and Gary has been more knowledgeable than anyone that I know. He is very patient with you and always knows how to cut right through and solve your problem. He is also very helpful at comforting you at times when things can get very stressful. What else can I say? If you need immigration, even if you’re outside of New York, just call Gary! 

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your dedication and hard work in helping me win this difficult case. Thank you!  

Ms. Chen

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The Celebration of the Third Annual U.S Chinese New Year Gala
NEW YORK January 25, gathering in New York for the celebration of the Third Annual U.S. Chinese New Year Gala held at NYU Skirball Center. Employees of the firm gathered to promote both Eastern and Western cultures and ideals, along with various sponsors as well.
Celebrities from Chinatown in New York
NEW YORK February 7, The Yerman Group with its entire legal staff, celebrities from Chinatown in New York, United States Chinese media representatives, and key customer representatives, located in the Hudson River overlooking the Statue of Liberty, panoramic Battery Park Grand Ballroom.