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Becoming a permanent resident requires either adjustment of status (in the U.S.) or a consular processing (outside of the U.S.). The Yerman Group specializes in obtaining permanent residency through family-based petitions inside and out of the United States. The most common form of obtaining residency is through petitions filed by a spouse, child, parent or sibling. Many people qualify for residency without leaving the United States, however, it is important that a qualified, experienced immigration attorney review your specific case.


Becoming a United States citizen is the ultimate goal of anyone wishing to fully immigrate to the United States. A green card is not enough! It’s imperative that you become a U.S. citizen to obtain all of the rights and privileges that U.S. citizens enjoy including the right to vote. Our team of attorneys prepare each client thoroughly throughout the process and prior to interviewing with an officer. A citizenship lawyer is crucial to a successful naturalization application.


Asylum is an immigration benefit that, if granted, leads to permanent residency in the United States. To obtain Asylum an applicant must show a well founded fear of persecution in his/her country of origin on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. The Yerman Group has obtained asylum for over 5000 clients at the Asylum Office and Immigration Courts.


The U-Visa is a form of temporary status for people who were victims of a crime in the United Status. The United States requires that the victim cooperate with law enforcement to properly investigate and prosecute the criminals who committed the crime. Our attorneys work closely with our clients and the law enforcement agencies to get the U-Visa certification approved. After the certification is approved, the team sends the U-Visa application to the United States government. If granted, the client obtains a temporary work permit and eventually can obtain lawful permanent status.


The Yerman Group has represented over 10,000 clients before the Executive Office of Immigration Review – also known as the immigration court. Our lawyers have obtained positive results for thousands of clients for various forms of relief including but not limited to Asylum, Withholding of Removal, CAT, Cancellation of Removal (42A and 42B) and NACARA .


We work with employees and employers to prepare and submit visa applications for temporary employment in nonimmigrant visa categories including but not limited to:

  • E-1/2 (treaty traders/investors)
  • E-3 (Australian professionals in specialty occupations)
  • H-1B (professionals in specialty occupations)
  • H-1B1 (Chilean and Singaporean professionals in specialty occupations)
  • L-1 (intra-company transferees)
  • O (persons of extraordinary ability)
  • P (certain athletes and entertainers)
  • TN (certain Canadian and Mexican professionals)


We assist companies supporting employees for permanent residence (“green cards”) in all of the Employment-based green card categories, including EB-1 priority workers; EB-2 advanced degree professionals; and EB-3 professional, skilled and unskilled workers. Where the law requires a test of the U.S. labor market, we advise clients on the legally complex PERM labor certification process. Whenever possible, we help our clients to pursue immigration options that do not require labor certification, including permanent residence based on an individual’s extraordinary ability, status as an outstanding researcher or multinational manager, or impact on the U.S. national interest (national interest waiver).


The Yerman Group represents clients who are detained by immigration. We fight to get our clients out on bond and to see an immigration judge immediately. Detained individuals can be pressured and threatened by deportation officers into signing Voluntary Departure which is why its imperative to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to fight for their right to stay in the U.S.
If you or someone in your family is arrested by deportation officers or transferred to Immigration detention, call our office immediately.

We have helped over 0 Obtain Legal Status

When a client comes to me for a consultation they are interested in becoming a productive and contributing legal member of our society. Behind each consultation, I know that a spouse, a partner, and many times children's lives and futures are at stake. I'm extremely proud to have helped so many families obtain their legal status and make this country a better place to live and I look forward to assisting each and every client in the future.

Gary Yerman

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