Asylum Grants
Federal Court of Appeals Petitions filed (over 20 published cases)
Permanent resident (Green Card) applications granted
Waivers approved: 601, 601A, 237h, 212
Federal Mandamus Petitions

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  • Family-based Immigration
  • Waivers
  • Employment-based Immigration
  • Deportation & Removal Defense
  • Temporary Visas

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  • Commercial Contract
  • Business Sales
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Commercial Disputes

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  • Wills
  • Living Trust
  • Health Care Proxy

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  • Credit Card Fraud
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The Yerman Group team are a group of professionals that change people's life. They see you as a person, with dreams and hope and not as a business or one more in their list of clients. They know your needs, your feelings, they are 200% responsive, kind, professional, accurate. I owe them the fact to start a new life. You always feel safe with them during the entire process and always they are there for you. I will never get tired to say thank you thousand times for what you did for me and my family. God bless you forever! Alejandra Ospina, Client
耶曼律所集合了一群专业人士致力于改善人们的生活。他们非常人性化,尊重每一位服务的客户。他们了解客人的需求,加倍地积极应对、专业并力求精准。他们使我得以展开新生活。把案子交给他们我很放心因为他们自始至终敬业负责。就是向他们说一千遍感谢也不足够。愿上帝永远保佑你们! 客户Alejandra Ospina
I have been running a restaurant located in Manhattan for years with a monthly rent of more than $20,000. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I turned to the Yerman Group for help with rent problems. Thanks to professional and devoted attorneys there, my landlord finally agreed to deduct rent by 40% for six months, pls contingent rent reduction for the next year based on my business outlook. Having solved the biggest rent problem, I was able to pull my business out of financial trouble and get it going again! I am so grateful to Yerman Group! I hope you can assist more small businesses like mine! Client Joyce, Restaurant owner in Manhattan, NY
我经营一家位于曼哈顿的餐馆好几年了,每月租金超过$20,000。疫情期间因为房租问题求助耶曼律所。通过专业负责的律师不懈争取,房东最终允许免除六个月房租的40%,并同意未来一年根据经营状况继续酌情减免。房租这个大问题解决后,本来面临倒闭的餐馆又得以继续运转!我真得太感谢耶曼律所了! 希望你们能帮助更多向我一样因为疫情面临经营困境的中小企业! 客户Joyce, 曼哈顿餐馆老板
Gary, we greatly appreciate everything you have done for us. This is all thanks to your hard work and dedication to what you do best. You have really taken care of us. Thank you very much!!! Mr. Ahmed & His Family, Clients
耶曼大律师,我们对您为我们全家所做的一切表示由衷的感谢。感谢您和团队竭尽全力把擅长的工作做到最好。您帮了我们全家大忙。我代表一家人谢谢您!!! 客户Ahmed携全家
My case was granted! I'm most grateful to Mr. Yerman for helping me. He continuously encouraged me never to give up. The manager also put tremendous efforts in my case. Their paralegals there were very responsible! I am so thrilled!! If you have legal problems, The Yerman Group is here for you! Liuyi Lu, Client
我的案件顺利批准!在此我向负责案件的耶曼大律师表达诚挚的谢意!耶曼大律师不断给我加油打气,鼓励我树立信心绝不放弃。负责我案子的经理也很关心案件的进展。他们的律师助理非常细心认真,敬业负责!我喜出望外!如果你有法律问题,赶快来耶曼律所获得帮助! 客户卢女士
The people who handled our case in Yerman Group were professional yet friendly, and patient with us when we did not understand a term or a process. We had to stop the process for a bit due to circumstances but once I reached out to The Yerman Group they welcomed us back and got us right on track again. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic they reached out to us to ask how we were, and that important documents had come by. We were always on the same page, and they responded promptly to our emails and calls. They put us on a monthly plan for the price which worked better for our budget. They treated us very well during this whole process, so I absolutely recommend this group. Nessa Valle, Client
耶曼律所处理我们案件的工作人员专业且态度好,当我们遇到不懂的法律名词时总是耐心地给我们解释。其间因为个人原因案子暂停了一段时间,但是当我再次联系律所时他们热情欢迎我们继续。在疫情期间,他们还一直主动联系我们,更新案件进展。对于我们的邮件和电话问询,他们总是及时回复。考虑到我们的经济状况,他们还体贴地制定了分期付款方案。整个过程双方合作都很愉快,我强烈推荐耶曼律所。 客户Nessa Valle
Good people they get it done and they make you feel as if your the only client they have TechTrending, Client
工作人员人品佳,很好地完成工作。他们让客人有宾至如归的感觉! 客户TechTrending
I have retained with this firm for several years. We are very content with their service and their attitude is always great. I came to the US in 2000, and it’s difficult to adjust my status in the US after so many years. Amazingly, because of the hard work of Yerman Group, my case was granted earlier than we expected. It is a big surprise to us. My family and I are so grateful for what they did to help us. If you need any help, come to them. They are trustworthy! Mr. Zhou, Client
我已经是耶曼律所的客人好几年了,对他们的服务和工作态度非常满意。我2000年来到美国,多年来一直无法调整身份。令我惊喜的是,在耶曼律所律师和工作人员的集体努力下,我的案件最终竟然比预计提前获批,对于我们全家是一个天大的惊喜。我们非常感恩。如果你需要任何帮助,请来耶曼律所。他们绝对值得信赖! 客户周先生
The lawyer is very professional in analysis and able to get the key points in the whole case. Give me very useful suggestions to make my case pass smoothly. Also the assistants are attentive and nice. Thanks to everyone’s help. Uyuju Tumen, Client
耶曼大律师分析案件非常精准到位而且总能准确把握问题核心。正是因为他提供的很有用的建议,我的案子顺利获批。他的助理们也很用心且态度好。感谢整个团队的大力帮助。 客户Uyuju Tumen
Thanks for the Yerman Group. Everyone in the team is particularly professional, responsible and patient. They give me confidence and warmth. Thanks for the responsibility, love, tolerance, all the efforts and hard works you offered me. I am grateful that I choose the Yerman Group to represent me. I really appreciate them, the whole team. I hope you can use your profession and good attitude to help more people! Thank you! Piedu 100, Client
感谢耶曼律所!他们团队的每个工作人员都及其专业、耐心、有责任感。他们给予我信心和温暖。谢谢你们的爱、包容、责任以及所有为我的案件付出的辛劳。我庆幸选择耶曼律所代理我的案件。我感激整个团队。衷心希望你们能用专业和用心帮助到更多的人!谢谢你们! 客户Piedu 100
Before I went to Yerman group for help, I had been struggling with my immigration case for a couple of years. Nobody could understand how hard it was to live in this country without a legal status, especially as a man who would take responsibility to support the whole family. Everything has changed since Yerman group handle my case which is complicated. The personnel here are professional and efficient. We talked about the case over the phone and I had been to the office only couple times, which saved me a lot of time. From the way the whole team worked, I knew this time I was in good hands. Not even within one year, my case was done and I got my permanent resident card. From now on, life is bright and hopeful. Thank you all Yerman group, you saved my life. Chen Yang, Client
在找到耶曼前,我的移民案件已经悬而未决好几年了。旁人无法理解没有合法身份在美国生活何其艰难,尤其是像我这样需要养活一家老小的男人。然而,当耶曼律所接手我的疑难复杂案件后,一切都不一样了!那里的工作人员很专业且效率高。我只去过办公室几次,除此之外都是通过电话沟通,大大节省了我的时间。从整个团队工作的状态,我深信自己的选择是正确的。果然,一年不到,我的案件就顺利获批并拿到了绿卡,生活充满了光明和希望。感谢耶曼律所,我的救命恩人。 客户杨先生
Mr Yerman is a great attorney. I have had different attorneys before but none of them really helped me out. I finally received legal status recently with Yerman's help. Their service is warm and professional too. THANK YOU! Xianqu Zheng, Client
耶曼大律师是一位非常优秀的律师。我之前曾聘请过不同的律师但没有一个能真正帮助我解决问题。多亏了耶曼大律师,我终于获得了合法身份。他们的服务既专业又贴心。谢谢! 客户郑先生
I immigrated to the United States in 1999. Upon my arrival I hired a notary posing as a lawyer and as a result the immigration judge ordered me deported. I hired five lawyers to file several appeals to no avail. In 2014 Mr. Yerman got my case reopened and I received my green card. Today I became an American citizen. Mr. Yerman is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him. Kelmer Neves, Client
我1999年来到美国。一到这里,我就聘请了一位自诩为律师其实只是公证员的人代理我的移民案件。结果可想而知:法官命令把我遣返。我又前后聘用了五位律师分别提出上诉但都没有成功。2014年,耶曼大律师帮我打开了案件,并帮助我最终拿到了绿卡。今天我变成美国公民了。耶曼大律师是一位卓越的律师,我强力推荐他。 客户Neves先生
Gary Yerman is the best lawyer. He helped me with all issues. He is smart and patient! I highly recommend Yerman group. Yerman group are the BEST! Crystal Chen, Client
耶曼大律师是最棒的律师。他成功帮我解决了所有问题。他睿智而且耐心!我强烈推荐耶曼律师事务所,他们是最优秀的! 客户陈小姐
Immigration can be a daunting endeavor and can be a significant source of stress. The Yerman Group has been instrumental in helping my business and my family to navigate the maze of immigration laws and procedure. I’ve been personally involved with the Yerman group for over 5 years now. From the multiple TN visas, to Employment authorizations to advance parole, Emergency advance parole and Green Card (in no particular order!) I’ve been very impressed with the services received from the Yerman Group. The soul of the firm which comes from the founder Gary Yerman is a good one. Friendly, Personable, responsive and knowledgeable is what you’ll receive from The Yerman’s group. I am a very pleased customer and I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend them. With Gary Yerman – you will receive the best possible service you would hope for from a law firm at a competitive price. Yan Courtois, Client
办理移民案件是非常耗费心神的,也会产生巨大的压力。耶曼律师事务所在帮助我的家人以及我个人开办的公司跨越各种移民法规及程序的障碍方面,发挥了至关重要的作用。我已经作为贵所的客人5年有余。从申请多种TN签证,到工卡、回美证、紧急回美证,一直到绿卡,我对律所的服务非常满意。创始人耶曼大律师确立的公司灵魂是很好的!客人会从这家律所得到友好、及时、高品质的服务。作为一位满意的客户,我会毫不犹豫向所有人推荐耶曼。把您的案件委托给耶曼大律师,您将会以优惠的价格获得最上乘的法律服务! 客户Courtois先生

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